Saturday, June 23, 2012

Leech Lake - Rescheduled to July 28, 2012

I have rescheduled the trip to July 28, 2012. Again, I would like to know who would be going, so please tell me if you are planning on going. So far many of us will be going to date. I really like Leech Lake! Can't wait.

Leech Lake requires a Recreation Pass (Forest Service) to park; the Discover and the Fish & Wildlife access pass are NOT valid up there for "parking" permits - although you must have the Fish & Wildlife pass on your mirror. I recommend paying the day use fee, unless you are going many times this year, instead of trying to find a place to and buying the Rec. Pass.

I rescheduled due to communications that the lake was inaccessible, however, thanks to Don and his friend giving Don a report on Dog Lake nearby to Leech, the area is quite clear of any snow and quite accessible. Apparently I have been had by the District Ranger up there. Jerks. They just don't want to open the area when the people want it opened apparently. I understand the cutting of funds and lack of people to open the Leech Lake campground, but don't tell me it isn't accessible - when it IS!

Trip Destination — July 28, 2012. Leech Lake, White Pass Summit, WA. We will meet at Graham Safeway parking lot at 6 am to carpool if we can. Bring food and fluids for the day,
we can go to dinner in Packwood afterwards if you'd like.
You will need a boat, i.e. float tube, pontoon boat, raft, rowboat — NO MOTORS are allowed on the lake. Fly Fishing Only. See the current reg.s for all the info.

Fly Patterns - All flavors, sizes, and colors of Wooley Buggers. Damsel fly nymph and ant patterns. Chironomid patterns - small.

Floating lines, 2wt - 6 wt, with longer, 10 - 12 ft, overall leaders/tippet lengths will do.