Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Carey Special

(Photo courtesy of West Fly)

Here is the materials list for the Carey Special, yet another one of the Munn Lake recommended flies.


I think the picture shows enough to be able to tie it without instructions.

This is one of the old staples of flies, one you can use anywhere, and should be in your fly box. So simple.

Black Nosed Dace

(Photo courtesy of Charlies Fly Box)

Here are the tying instructions and materials list for this pattern, another one of the Munn Lake recommended flies.


This is also basically the same as the Tinsel Minnow, but the Tinsel Minnow has a red hackle fiber beard and optional Jungle Cock cheeks.

RS2 Fly Pattern

(Photo courtesy of Fly Anglers Online (FAOL))

This is one of the Munn Lake recommended flies. It is a great fly and super simple to tie. I personally also substitute CDC for the
Bright white Antron wing to have two variants in the fly box.

Here is a great tying tutorial for this pattern.

Take note of how the tippets used for the tail are split with the tag end of the tying thread. I learned this a few years ago and use this method for this type of tail all the time now - works awesome!!

Here's the history on this fly, it's a great informative website on the varieties of this fly.

Tie 'em up!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

March 03, 2012. Munn Lake, Olympia, WA


We will meet at OSLC at 8 am to carpool if we can (Address in the side menu). Bring food and fluids for the day. We can go to dinner in Lacey as a group afterwards if everyone would like to.

Please let me know if you are going to go so I know who to wait for. Let me know if you will meet us at the church and carpool or meet us there at the lake. Use the website Contact Us email address to do so.

For our trip to Munn Lake here are some fly patterns to plan to have on hand. You can find them at your local fly shop, such as Gig Harbor Fly Shop or Puget Sound Fly Company or your choice of big box stores.

Here are the fly pattern recommendations for a March trip:
RS2 in Olive; Black, Olive Wooly Buggers; Olive Leech; Damsel fly nymph; Chironomids in Yellow, Red, or Black; Black Nose Dace; Tinsel Minnow; Bead head Mohair Leech in Black, Deep Purple, Maroon or any combination thereof; and Carey Special.

Sizes are your choice, just remember Damsel fly nymphs are not huge, as Chironomids are not either. Ask the fly shop for size suggestions.

You will need a boat, i.e. float tube, pontoon boat, raft, rowboat — NO MOTORS are allowed on the lake. C&R, Selective Gear Rules. See the current reg.s for all the info.

Hope to see you on the trip!